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Good Bye, January 2016

Can you believe it? The first month of 2016 is nearly over!  My parents were right, go figure.  Time really does start to move at a faster clip as we age.  I am amazed at how fast time goes by.

This year, my dad will have been gone 20 years! (A brother 18 years, my mother 17 years and a sister 2 years, this year.) Time waits for no one.

With that being said, what are we doing with our time?  My pastor gave a great point the other day in his sermon.  He said most of us pray “gimmie” prayers.  You know, ‘Lord, gimmie this or that’ or we pray “b” prayers, ‘be with them’ or ‘bless them’, etc.  My pastor suggested that we pray “Make it count” prayers.  Rather than gimmie” or ‘b’, we should ask Christ to “make it (whatever is the problem, crisis or concern) count” for His kingdom.  After all, we know that Christ will never leave us nor forsake us.  So no matter what we go through HE is with us.  We also know that in this world we will have trouble.

I want the time I have on this earth to count.  Not just for me and my family but for Christ and His kingdom!  The last few posts have been about goals and vision boards.  The things I have on my vision board may seem self-centered, but I don’t mean them like that.  For instance, I am working hard to declutter my house.  Why?  So my home is always ready for guests. So my mind is free from a messy distraction.  So I am ready and able to go and do as the Lord calls me.  It’s really hard for me to focus on my higher calling – living life on purpose, leaving a godly legacy – when I am distracted by clutter.  Clutter in the physical is indicative of a cluttered mind, I think.

I want my life to “count” for Christ.  Therefore, I am going to work, even mundane things, as to the glory of God.  I yearn for Christ to make my life count!

So, as we see January 2016 come to a close, let’s make it count.  I’d love to hear from you.  What are you striving for? How are you living on purpose this year?

Let’s make 2016 count!

Blessing to you – Wendy

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Goals are Set, Now What?

We have our 2016 Vision Board complete and our goals set for the year, now what do we do?  We make a plan of action. If we have definitive goals in mind, we must make a plan and work our plan.  Sounds easy, huh?  It is and it isn’t.  For me, it’s easy to make the plan, but often times it’s hard to follow through.

What I’m learning is that we have to make and work our plan in small segments.  For example, I want to declutter my entire house.  That’s a pretty big project.  So I am working on 1-2 small segments of that project every week.

I have 3 closets.  Don’t be jealous, they are not huge walk-in closets. I have a very small closet with a shoe rack.  A slightly larger closet for work/dress clothes and another decent size closet for casual clothes and accessories.  One evening, I tackled the shoe closet.  Another evening I cleaned the work clothes closet and I am working the last closet in sections.  As I go through each declutter project, I bag or box up the things I can donate.  Currently, I have a couple of bags in my car and a couple of boxes ready to go to the car to take to a donation drop off.

I recently read about setting a timer when trying to do some compartmentalized work like this.  When you set your timer, you do not have to watch the clock.  You just work like mad until it dings.  I am trying that on a few different things that require some concentration.  So far so good!

Good luck this week on working your plan!




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Vision and Goal Setting

This month I’m talking about “vision”.  I told you about the 2015 success I had with my vision board and that I’m certainly creating a 2016 vision board.  To me, it’s not the “law of attraction” as much as it is putting your goals out in front of you. Although, I did have a few surprises!  What’s the difference between a vision and a goal?  It’s the specificity of that vision. In other words, a vision can be broad and almost abstract, but a goal is specific, measurable and has a deadline.

For example, on my vision board last year I had the word “Blog”. I did start  a blog last year, but I only wrote on it a few, very sporadic, times.  So this year,  I put “Blog weekly” on my vision board.  That makes it a goal- specific, measurable and has a deadline.  So what happens if I miss a week?  Is my goal totally shot?  Not at all.  If I actually post 40 times, it’s so much more than I’ve done before and it gets me closer to my goal than if I’d quit because I missed a week.

One thing I have had to learn about goal setting is not to quit if you miss the mark.  My nature is to do it the way I set out or not at all.  I think that’s the fear of failure.  But I’m learning that the only way to really fail is to not try.  So this year, I am trying a few new things.  Some I am not bold enough to say here and now.  Who knows, I may be disclosing them next year due to another successful vision board.

Here’s how I set up my vision board.  First, I thought about what my vision/goals are for 2016.  I have 3 main areas for this year:  1. Self  2. House  3. Finances.  All three of these represent the broad categories. That being said, I cut out magazine photos and/or word clippings that would illustrate my vision and put them on the board. My board is pretty busy, so I stepped back and wrote out some specific things that would fit into one or more of these categories;thus, creating goals.

“Self” includes spiritual, health and work (job and personal work).  “House” includes my family and my house and, of course, “Finances” is debt, savings and budget.  See how this gets busy, yet by clarifying them into 3 main categories helps give me focus.  And do I need focus!

As a speaker I once heard said, “A cluttered space indicates a cluttered mind.  If you want freedom of mind, you must declutter your space.”  Hence, my “house” heading is all about cleaning out and getting down to minimal things so every thing has a use and a place.  That’s a tall order for me, but 2016 is the year!

With this clarity, before I start a project or say “yes” to something, I ask myself if this will promote one of my visions.  If not, I can’t do it.  If it does, I plan a time to get it done even if I have to break it into smaller projects or time frames.

I hope this helps as you march in to 2016.  Talk to you soon!

Blessings,                                                                                                                                                            Wendy

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What’s Your Vision for 2016?

Last week we took a last look at 2015.  Well, we are a week into 2016.  Have you thought about what you want for yourself in 2016?  I have.  I’ll post a picture of my vision boards when I figure that part out! Ha!

Now that I have seen the power of vision boards/real goal setting, I’m hooked!  But this year I want to clear my head and my house.  What I mean by that is I want to narrow my focus.  I literally want to get my house in order – de-clutter from stem to stern – so my brain can focus on mental projects without the weight of messy surroundings.

Don’t think I’m I total slob, I’m not.  But I do like to hang on to things.  Some for sentimental value, some I’ll use someday, some that I’ll find a home for… You get the picture.  So my major goals for 2016 are to 1) de-clutter my house (every room), 2) get in the best physical health possible, 3) pay off certain debt and 4) WRITE.

With “Legacy-Life on Purpose” as my life theme, if you will, I am not out to make a fortune. (That would be a happy byproduct, though.)  My purpose is to be discerning what the Holy Spirit would have me do.  I am seeking clarity and focus which is how I came to the 4 goals above.  By de-cluttering, I can give to people in need and/or to charities who do.  By getting in the best physical health possible, I can be ready for whatever He leads me to do.  By paying off debt, I have more resources to use toward the Kingdom of Christ.  And by writing, I can share the gospel with more people than I could ever in my daily life.

So, this is a snapshot of what I am gearing up for in 2016.  I hope this inspires you to do the same.  Gear up, I mean.  We are all at different places in life so our specific goals will be different.  No matter what, I think we all want to accomplish the work He has given us to do!

Talk to you next week!

Blessings,                                                                                                                                      W


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One Last Look at 2015

I am trying to live my life on purpose. For much of my life, I longed for the next stage. For example, I couldn’t wait to graduate high school. Then, I couldn’t wait to get married…then have kids…then… Well, you get the point. Now, suddenly, in the blink of an eye, I have been married for over 30 years, my children are grown, my parents and 2 of my siblings are gone on to be with the Lord and I don’t want to miss a single minute that I have left on this earth. Not only do I not want to miss anything, I want every single minute to count!

Close to the end of 2014, I began to set some goals for 2015. I do this every year and the years I write those goals down, I achieve more of them. Sometimes they are quiet things that no one but I would know about. Well, for 2015, I made a vision board. I felt a little stupid doing it. I kept it out of the way where only I would see it from time to time and I didn’t talk about it much to my family or friends…until fall of 2015 when I realized how many things on that board had come to be.

So here are some things on my 2015 vision board with dates of when that particular thing happened:

Lose weight                      June                      30 pounds gone

Get a website                   January       

Start a blog                       January                although I did not write weekly/ I’m changing that now

Work from Home            November          changed positions with my company/now work at home

Get paid for writing        January                wrote freelance for several months

Write a Bible study         April                     wrote a short Bible study for our ladies group at church

Have a home office         October               turned an upstairs bedroom into an office

Go to Hawaii                      August                  to celebrate 30 years of marriage

New Car(s)                         November          I got a new car / husband’s waiting on his

Be a writer                          August                  got permission at a conference to say “I’m a writer”  🙂

Yes, there are two or three things that didn’t happen. And, I’m not sure if I’ll put them on my 2016 board. While I won’t totally agree that these results are the “law of attraction”, I will tell you that when you are looking at the goals you set for yourself in pictures, you will start to focus your attention to them. However, in all honesty, there were a few of these that I did not expect. Some took me totally by surprise; the new car and actually working from home! All I can say is…there IS a 2016 VISION BOARD! We’ll talk about that one later!

Have a great week!