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I love Thanksgiving!  I think it’s my favorite holiday.  (But you may hear me say that about Christmas and Easter, too.) Oh well, I do love Thanksgiving.

Every year our immediate family have a meal together.  Usually it’s supper after all the lunch crowd of extended family have left.  This year will be different, but we will do some of the same.  When it’s just the four of us at our Thanksgiving meal, we start by saying things we are thankful for.  Prior to the meal, all of us write down things that we are thankful for and put them in a jar or bowl. At our meal we pass the jar/bowl and read one of the slips of paper.  We then “guess” who wrote the thankful note.  We keep passing the jar until all the slips of paper are read aloud.

It is so much fun and so heart warming!  We love this time of thanks.  I’m always amazed at what comes to light.

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankfulColossians 3:15
Why don’t you join us this Thanksgiving in counting your blessings?  You may be surprised at what all you have to be thankful!


I believe we all have a calling on our lives. Therefore, I am determined to live my life on purpose to follow God's call.

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