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Flowers Fade


That is a Tung Oil tree in my son’s yard.  I love the blooms it puts out!  They are pink and white and the tree is covered until the leaves come.  Then the flowers fall and fade away. As you can tell, the leaves are coming out. If you’ve ever seen my yard, you know I love flowers.  I try to have something blooming from spring through fall.

Blooms remind me of new life.  Every year I think I’m not going to plant ANYTHING ELSE.  And my husband whole heartedly agrees. But then spring comes and birds sing and blooms pop out AND I PLANT!  I just can’t seem to help it.  I really try to plant mostly in pots instead of the yard, but…well…let’s not go there.

I think God gave us four seasons (maybe not Louisiana) for a reason.  We tend to get bored with things, don’t we?  Just when you think you can’t take one more day of cold, dead winter, a little shoot of life pokes its head out of the ground or tree trunk.  Before you know it, spring is here and we are reminded how our great God makes all things new!

Throughout this year, as you enjoy God’s beautiful creation, think about what you see and how the grass withers and the flowers fade but one thing stands forever…The Word of God.

The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.           Isaiah 40:8

John 1 verse 1 tells us ” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  The ‘Word of our God stands forever’. John was talking about JESUS!


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Sometimes We Just Need a Hand


Remember as a child when you just needed your parent’s hand to not be afraid?  I do.  In first grade, I was terrified of my French teacher.  He was huge (to me).  He had a deep resonating voice.  Well, he was just plain scary to me.  After a couple of horrific days of French class, my mom had to go to school with me. After she sat in class and made me participate in French with this giant man, I wasn’t afraid anymore.  It’s so funny now because after her coming to school and holding my hand through that class, I loved French!

I can’t remember much French all these years later, but I remember needing someone to hold my hand.  And her doing that was a game-changer for me.  She gave me strength – hers- that helped me get through something frightening to me.

Jesus is just like that.  He gives us strength – His – so we can get through life.  Times when we are frightened and times when we think we can’t go any more His strength will sustain us.

He gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power.           Isaiah 40:29

I’m so thankful that my LORD and Savior does that for me!  I honestly don’t know how folks without Him make it.  If you are a follower of Christ and find that you could really use a hand, reach out to Jesus.  He is holding you already.

If you don’t know this Jesus that I talk about, He’s the Creator of the universe.  He’s the only God and He is reaching out to you – just say “yes” to Him and He will take your hand now and for all eternity.

Blessings, Wendy

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Gifts – Don’t You Love Them!


I think we all like to receive gifts.  Some of us enjoy giving gifts even more than receiving them! The greatest gift ever is SALVATION!  And God does it all for us.  Isn’t that amazing?

He provided the grace so that He would give the atoning sacrifice – Jesus-and He gives us the faith to believe and then we benefit eternally with salvation found only in Him. It is truly amazing!

I’ve been thinking about this wonderful gift lately. You know, when I give a gift to someone, I want them to love it and use it.  I hate to think they just through it in a pile of other useless gifts.  So I put a lot of thought and effort in picking out just the right gift for them.

This made me think about what I am doing with my gift of salvation… Of course, I love it! But what am I doing with it?  This gift is meant to be shared with everyone, not to be thrown in pile of useless gifts.

Yesterday, in Church we were reminded that we are all called to share the gospel. One person at a time.  How awesome is it to know that God chose to use us to share the gospel!  We may not change the world for everyone, but we can be a life-changer for one person at a time.

This week, join me in putting that great gift of salvation to good use and share what Jesus has done for you with someone.  Just maybe, you’ll see Him do that for them!

Blessings, Wendy

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New Creation


When I was a little girl, I was always amazed by how my mother could take rolls of yarn that were a jumbled mess and turn them into something beautiful.  She would take yarn and make it a new creation.  Sometimes a baby blanket, sometimes pot holders, sometimes a shawl or any number of things.  In every case, the yarn became something new.

Does that remind you of anything?

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Jesus does the same thing with every believer!  He takes the jumbled up ole mess that we are and He makes us into someone new!  I’m so thankful for that!  AND He doesn’t make us all into the same thing/person.  He made us unique when He fashioned us in our mothers’ womb and He makes each one of us unique at salvation.

He is the Master Craftsman and knows what He wants in His body, the Church, so He makes us a special part of His masterpiece.  Some of us are baby blankets, some pot holders, some a shawl and the list goes on.  We are individuals, yet part of the same body.

I’m so glad Jesus didn’t make us to be “cookie cutter” Christians.  We each have a special role that He has fitted us perfectly for.  Thankfully, He doesn’t require perfection from us. He doesn’t even require grand results.  He wants a cheerful giver.  One who desires to please Him and is, therefore, available and obedient to His call.

This week, let’s seek to be available and obedient.  Now that we are new creatures, who knows what Jesus will do with us for His glory!

Blessings, Wendy

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Be a Good You

goodyouI love this quote by Abraham Lincoln.  In today’s world many people are so busy trying to be like someone else that they forget God made them unique. We are all different.  I’m glad about that, aren’t you?

When my kids were little they would get so put out when someone “copied” them.  Of course, I would tell them that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  That only worked for so long. We all cherish our individuality, but yet we so want to be accepted and blend in too.

Less and less is it okay to blend in.  To live honorably with integrity is to stand out.  We are called as believers to be blameless – holy because our God is holy.  That makes for standing out in this day and time.

The quote from Abe isn’t necessarily about standing out, it’s about being the best you can.  Whatever you are- be a good one; male, female, husband, wife, business man, homemaker, father, mother, president, nanny, truck driver, nurse; and the list goes on.

If we are going to be “a good one”, we need to remember…

 Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.  Colossians 3:17

I think that’s what Abe was talking about.  If we live according to Jesus’ teachings we will be our best self because we’ll be doing everything in the name of Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father!

Blessings ~ W